Available Software

Software List

What follows is a list of software installed on the Full Virtual Micromagnetics environment. It is not comprehensive.

Micromagnetic Simulation Software:


Other Software:

There's a lot of software here I will never use...

A light version of Virtual micromagnetics is also available, which includes only the micromagnetic simulation software and its dependencies. Other specialist environments are available if you wish to use only one of the above packages here. If you’re looking for an even more streamlined Virtual Micromagnetics environment, consider building Virtual Micromagnetics projects from scratch using our GitHub repository, where you can choose the software you want to include.

Missing Something?

The Virtual Micromagnetics environment is flexible in that, once set up, further packages can be installed. This includes proprietary software if Virtual Micromagnetics is for personal use. If you have some open-source micromagnetics simulation software that you feel should belong as part of this project, please contact us.